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DFWTT Progress of Activities for 2011

(By Daniel Rutenberg – USATT National Coach)


As we continue with our mission to provide quality table tennis to our members and players in the DFW area, once again, 2011 has started with strong support and lots of playing activities.


DFW Table Tennis (DFWTT) is one of the largest, longest established and most active table tennis clubs in north Texas.  DFWTT is a fully sanctioned club by USATT – the governing body of Table Tennis in the USA.


DFWTT offers multiple programs year-round to include training & coaching programs, open playing, leagues and tournaments amongst others.  Our tournaments are very popular and have become traditional events for all table tennis players in Texas and out of State.  In addition, DFWTT offers multiple playing locations with multiple activities for both youth and adults. We look forward to continue supporting many school programs in the area as we have done in past years!  During 2011 we will continue to work hard to engage more schools and youth players into the sport of table tennis.  In addition, we are looking for young players with disabilities.


Remember that DFWTT is here for you!  Therefore, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback in general, please let us know as we would like to hear from you.


Here is a summary of DFWTT’s activities, news and community involvements so far …


TT College Scholarship – Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri (St. Louis area) is expanding their collegiate table tennis program. Financial assistance is avalable for table tennis players at all levels of play. More information is available here.


2011 Fall World Peace TT Pictures – Plano TT club hosted its Fall World Peace Table Tennis Tournament on December 3 - 4 at the Tom Muehlenbeck center. Grant Bergmann has made his photos from the tournament available at the following link: Pics


2011 DFWTT Fall Open Tournament – DFWTT hosted its yearly Fall Open tournament at the JCC on November 12. Thanks to everyone who came to the event to play, coach, or just watch the table tennis matches. A $140 donation was sent to Rainbow Days Inc, for their kids school program.


In the USATT rating events:

Class A – 1st Cheng Li won $400, 2nd Ludovic Gombos won $250

Class B – 1st Bernard Lemal won $100, 2nd Brandon Gardner won $70

Class C – 1st Danya Budiman, 2nd Larry Sangren

Class D – 1st Zhihan Chu, 2nd Bryan Wu

Class E – 1st Kelly Zhao, 2nd Emma Lin


U-2400 – 1st Ludovic Gombos won $100, 2nd Tuan Anh Tran won $70

U-2200 – 1st Bernard Lemal, 2nd Brandon Chow

U-2000 – 1st Jack Zhang, 2nd Thomas Tsang

U-1700 – 1st Warren Lemma, 2nd Stephen Kornegay

U-1500 – 1st Boris Tsang, 2nd Larry Hendrix

U-1300 – 1st Swaroop Vaidyanath, 2nd Tia Hsieh

U-1000 – 1st Swaroop Vaidyanath, 2nd Benjamin Li


In the Non-rating events:

O-60 – 1st Grant Bergmann, 2nd Ming-Kann Tzeng

O-50 – 1st Thomas Tsang, 2nd Warren Lemma

U-20 – 1st Trenton Brandow, 2nd Marcos Ayala

U-13(A) – 1st Ben Stollenwerck, 2nd Michael Zhao

U-13(B) – 1st Stephen Min, 2nd Maxwell Zhao


Doubles – 1st Tuan Anh Tran & Jingwen Hui, 2nd Nelson Ramos & Marcos Alves


For a complete list of results go to: http://www.dfwtt.com/Results_File/Results_2011.htm#2011FallOpen


Thanks to Grant Bergmann for taking pictures at the tournament. You can view the pictures at the following link: Pics



2011 DFWTT Double Ten Tournament – Pictures are now available from the DFWTT Double Ten tournament. Coach Daniel Rutenberg has made his photos available at the following link: Pics

Grant Bergmann has also taken several photos and are available here: Pics

For complete tournament results go to: http://www.dfwtt.com/Results_File/Results_2011.htm#2011DoubleTen

DFWTT has donated $200 to the Dallas Chinese Community Center.


Charity Program Update – June 28, 2011 – Another contribution in the amount of $143 was given to the DFWTT charity program by one of our members. This amount was donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund which helps in providing emergency relief and recovery efforts.


Charity Program Update – May 24, 2011 – In our continued pledge to donate $2 for each player that participates in our tournaments, DFWTT has donated $224 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund which helps those who have suffered in the recent Texas Wildfires, Spring Floods, and Tornadoes. Special thanks go to Joe Hebert for his generous $50 contribution! Thank you for making a difference!


2011 Spring World Peace TT Pictures – Plano TT club hosted its Spring World Peace Table Tennis Tournament on May 14 - 15 at the Tom Muehlenbeck center. Grant Bergmann has made his photos from the tournament available at the following link: Pics


2011 DFWTT Spring Open Tournament – More than 87 players participated in our tournament on Saturday, April 16 at the JCC in Dallas.  The tournament featured both USATT sanctioned and non-sanctioned events.


Shaui Wang won $500 in the Open Singles Class A defeating our Nelson Ramos (won $250) in the final.  James Eddie Yang finished in 3rd place taking home $150.  In the Singles Class B division, Carlito Almirol finished 1st and won $150, defeating Eddie Young who finished in 2nd place earning $100.


Trophies were awarded to the winners and runner ups in the Singles Class C, D and E divisions and the winners were:  Class C: 1st place Tianming Xie, 2nd place Sreeman Jampana; Class D: 1st place Meredith Elston won over Aaron Smith.  Class E: 1st Alberto Luo by defeating Jeremy Wood.


The Open Doubles event is very popular among our DFWTT club members and players in the area.  Open Doubles Class A -- Russ Hamilton with partner Shaui Wang (won $120) defeated Shaui Wang (Winner of the Open Singles Class A) with partner James Eddie Yang (won $80) in the finals.  Nelson Ramos with partner Behram Jamaspi finished 3rd.  Open Doubles Class B – Kyle Drake with partner James Rautis (won $70) defeated John Stiles and Jon Savage (won $30) in the finals.  Open Doubles Class C – 1st place Alves Marcos and Sasha Parfenov defeated Jampana Sreeman and Lemma Warren; Open Doubles Class D – Sagar Malvankar and Mihir Wadekar defeated Joe Hebert and Brandt Hebert; Claus Rich and Corey Holy finished 3rd.  Mixed Doubles – Yen Else and partner Vic Maryoung defeated Emma Veliz and partner Rafael Veliz.


In the non-sanctioned events we had the following winners: Open Singles Class A: Kuei Chen 1st place, Vin Nguyen in 2nd place and Mahesh Narayana in 3rd.  Class B: 1st Sagar Malvankar, 2nd Joe Hebert and 3rd Brandt Hebert.  Class C: 1st Corey Holy, 2nd Brennon Barnet and 3rd Jack Odom.  U-21 Class A: 1st Mihir Wadekar and 2nd Brennon Barnet.  U-21 Class B: 1st Brandt Hebert, 2nd Dandan Tian.; U-21 Class C: 1st Zack Lajuene, 2nd Jack Odom.  Under 12: 1st Stephen Min, 2nd Dandan Tian.


The School Challenge is becoming a popular event and tradition at our non-sanctioned events.  At this tournament we had 8 two-man teams.  With kids from Burleson Texas and Kinder Louisiana made this event very special.  In 1st Place we had Brandon Marsh with team partner John Allen defeating their school teammates Taner Hodges and partner Stewart Bristo.  In 3rd place we had Garrett Crook and Jenkins Turner.  Consolation winners were: Brennon Barnet and partner Brandt Hebert.


For complete tournament results go to: http://www.dfwtt.com/Results_File/Results_2011.htm#2011SpringOpen


Special thanks to all the cadets and juniors that entered the tournament. We really appreciated and enjoyed having players from Austin, Houston, Tyler, Burleson, Kinder Louisiana and of course our DFWTT members and players from the DFW area.


Ken Potts did an outstanding job as tournament referee, well done!  Thank you to Donna Chen for all her hard work and dedication to make this tournament a reality!


Thank you to Coach Daniel Rutenberg for taking pictures at the tournament and for making them available to all at the following link – please feel free to browse, download and print them.



In addition, we would like to thank our sponsors, volunteers and all of you that participated in the 2011 DFWTT Spring Tournament and for making it another great table tennis success in the Metroplex!  Congratulations to all the winners.  We hope to see you in our future tournaments!


Paralympic Table Tennis Training Program – Every Saturdays at our JCC Club, Coach Rutenberg started a training session for any disabled table tennis athletes in the area.  The main goal of the program is to give disabled athletes an opportunity to train and practice with other disabled para athletes.  Depending on participants players are combined by classes or by condition of sitting on wheelchairs or standing up. The program run from 3:15 to 5:30 p.m. and it requires participation of at least 3 athletes.  For more details and information please contact Coach Rutenberg at rutenbergd@aol.com.


Magazine Article – A longtime DFWTT tournament player, Dorothea Taschner, had an interesting magazine article written about her in the January edition of Plano Profile http://www.planoprofile.com. Dorothea has a long history of playing table tennis over the years. Congratulations on your success, and winning all those trophies!! Read about her story here: page 1 page 2


2011 Texas Winter Games DFWTT TournamentChance Friend wins the 2011 classic, congratulations!


Frisco, Texas

January 15, 2011

For Immediate Release


On Saturday, January 15th, DFWTT was delighted to host the 2011 Texas Winter Games Table Tennis tournament at the Staley Middle School gymnasiums in Frisco, Texas.  With over 100 players from Austin, Oklahoma, Arkansas and the Dallas & Fort Worth area, this tournament continues to be a complete success for 4 years in a row!


Sponsors, players, spectators, organizers and volunteers together with Tournament Director Donna Chen, Tournament Referee Scott Ryan and DFWTT head coach Daniel Rutenberg, made once again a complete success of this very popular event.


In particular, we want to thank the 2011 Texas Winter Games Organizing Committee and the Texas Amateur Federation (TAFF) and its sponsors for the continued support and help in making this tournament a reality.


Following our on-going pledge to support other organizations devoted to children’s education, DFWTT has made a $2 donation for each player entered in the tournament to a non-profit children’s education organization.  A $100 donation was sent to Rainbow Days Inc, and a $100 donation was sent to FNDR Foundation. Thank you for your participation and for helping to make a difference for the benefit of children!


The tournament was played in two gyms. A total of 20 different category events were played on 18 Butterfly tables, which included both USATT sanctioned and non-sanctioned events.


Rating Events – In the Open Singles, Class A Chance Friend and Shaui Wang met in the final. Players and spectators were delighted with this duel, especially after watching the semi finals.  Friend defeated Wang 3-2 in a very close match, where we enjoyed watching very powerful shots from these offensive players.  Short underspin serves, loops and counter-loops dominated each rally, plus slight change of pace on Friend’s part and better placement of the ball gave him the competitive edge to beat Wang in the 5th game!  Nelson Ramos and Tuan Anh Tran shared the 3rd place.  In Class B – 1st place John Stiles, 2nd place Eric Bremer (from Germany).  Class C – 1st place James W Smith, 2nd place Sasha Parfenov. Class D – 1st place Brian Tsang, 2nd place Gamaliel Garza Hernandez and Class E – 1st place Zhihan Chu, 2nd place Walt Elliston.


Results in the U-2400 – 1st place Chance Friend, 2nd place Tuan Anh Tran.  U-2000 – 1st place Van H. Savell Jr., 2nd place Eric Bremer. U-1600 – 1st place Danny Adams, 2nd place Jessica Wang. U-1200 – 1st place Robert Tassin, 2nd place Kavina Hsu.


Unrated Events – They were also very competitive and well diversified, going from under 10 to Over 70 years old in the age categories. In addition, doubles and mixed doubles events are becoming very popular in our club and area.  Needless to say how much fun the kids had in the School event.


For complete results, please go to: http://www.dfwtt.com/Results_File/Results_2011.htm#2011WinterGames


All participants finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their level will be eligible to compete in the State Games of America taking place in San Diego, CA August 4-7, 2011. For more information, please go to: http://www.calstategames.org/sga-home.html


Congratulations to all the winners, runner ups, third places and all participants.  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded in the many different events respectively.


Once again, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation to Grant Bergmann for talking pictures at the tournament and for making them available to all of us at the following link – Please feel free to browse, download and print them. The pictures are great Grant! Grant Bergmann's pictures: Pics


DFW Table Tennis (DFWTT) is one of the leading table tennis membership organizations in the nation that promotes, develops and implements programs for the sport of table tennis regardless of the players’ experience or level through family values, excellence and quality in sportsmanship environment in the Dallas & Fort Worth area.  DFWTT is a USATT sanctioned club and it was established in 1996.


The Texas Winter Games is the ultimate amateur athletic sports festival for Texas.  Established in 1986 at the Summer Games, the Games are patterned after the Olympic Games and U.S. Olympic Festivals.  The Games provide a forum for training and competition among Texas’ own Olympic hopefuls as well as both youth and adult recreational athletes, with participant’s age ranging from 6 to 70. The inaugural Winter Games of Texas was held in 2006 in Frisco, Texas.


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