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Updated for 2020:

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New Timberglen location

is not open yet. Will make announcment when ready

for table tennis.


JCC gym will still be closed January 20, 2020.

It should reopen on

January 22, 2020.




Dallas Senior Games

March 7, 2020



DFWTT Charity Tournament

January 25, 2020

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Club Schedule


Cimarron location:

Monday nights

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Saturday mornings

9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Epic location:

Thursday nights

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Saturday nights

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Video from The Epic



JCC location:

Monday nights

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Wednesday nights

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Timberglen location:

Saturday afternoon

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Elementary, Middle, and High School Table Tennis Players


Please email us at dfwtt1@gmail.com if your school has a table tennis club.  Also email us if you are interested in playing in an upcoming School Tournament. You can also email us with any comments or suggestions.



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Charity Updates


Program to Date - DFWTT has donated $11,611.57!



2019 Fall League Results

October / November 2019

1st League
1st Jonathan Li Shuai Wang Kelly Zhao Shuai Wang
2nd Ranjit Singh Rayamajhi Evan Lai Keith Pech David Qin
3rd Keith Pech Kelly Zhao Ranjit Singh Rayamajhi Kevin Lu
4th Evan Lai Kevin Lu Logan Watson Ranjit Singh Rayamajhi
5th David Qin David Qin David Qin Raymond Sacco
6th Kevin Lu Shiheng Qiu Shiheng Qiu Johnson Martin
7th Johnson Martin Ralph Time Faraz Kasmani Faraz Kasmani
8th   Derek Baker   Derek Baker
9th       Salman Razi
2nd League
1st Takatoshi Mii Salman Razi Raymond Sacco Naveen Irudayaraj
2nd Shiheng Qiu Taher Jaleel Takatoshi Mii Jadon Yuan
3rd Jadon Yuan Takatoshi Mii Norman Lehr Takatoshi Mii
4th Naveen Irudayaraj Rory Liu Bruce Reiff Bruce Reiff
5th Bruce Reiff Bruce Reiff Rory Liu Taher Jaleel
6th Raymond Sacco Jadon Yuan Mark Chen Norman Lehr
7th Taher Jaleel Jun Guo Zack Gholston Viful Mhapsekar
8th Norman Lehn Raymond Sacco   Charle Lotfalla
9th Swapan Shah David Witten    
10th Shweta Bhide Nitin Bantey    
11th Amit Dharkar Naveen Irudayaraj    
12th   Swapan Shah    
3rd League
1st David Witten Norman Lehr Serena Kong Nitin Bantey
2nd Nitin Bantey Viful Mhapsekar Charle Lotfalla Max Dillow
3rd A. Zaeem Afzal Mark Chen Anish Mauda Hayden Baker
4th George Li Michael Clardy David Witten David Witten
5th Tanvi Nikam Serena Kong Michael Clardy George Li
6th Charles Kim Hayden Baker Tanvi Nikam A. Zaeem Afzal
7th Serena Kong Tanvi Nikam George Li Swapan Sihah
8th Michael Clardy Max Dillow Matthew Lee Michael Clardy
9th Sabrina Sun Brandon Baek Max Dillow Presley Jiang
10th Peter Paulus   Sabrina Sun Valentine
11th Pratyush Mohanty   Erin Yuan Pratyush Mohanty
12th       Bill Cashin
4th League
1st   Eric Yuan Pratyush Mohanty William Garrard
2nd   Sabrina Sun Bill Cashin Peter Snell
3rd   Pratyush Mohanty Peter Snell Peter Paulus
4th   Bill Cashin Peter Paulus Asaad Helou
5th   William Garrard William Garrard Suryan Saran
6th   Peter Paulus David Waterman Miki Snell
7th   Ethan Hublall Miki Snell Eric Qin
8th   Asaad Helou Ethan Hublall  


September 2019

1st League
1st Zixiang Meng Shuai Wang Shuai Wang
2nd Bruno Ventura Dos Anjos Zixiang Meng Evan Lai
3rd Keith Pech Grayden Cook Ranjit Singh Rayamajhi
4th Shuai Wang Ranjit Singh Rayamajhi Keith Pech
5th Ranjit Singh Rayamajhi Keith Pech Kelly Zhao
6th Evan Lai Evan Lai David Qin
7th Kelly Zhao Kevin Lu  
8th David Quin    
2nd League
1st Kevin Lu Naveen Irudayaraj Quang Nguyen
2nd Larry Shi Quang Nguyen Kevin Lu
3rd Faraz Kasmani Jun Guo Bruce Reiff
4th Shiheng Qiu Takatoshi Mii Naveen Irudayaraj
5th Steven So Shiheng Qiu Salman Razi
6th Jadon Yuan Jadon Yuan Rory Liu
7th Bruce Reiff Swapan Shah Takatoshi Mii
8th Rory Liu Viet Chau Jun Guo
9th Charles Kim Raymond Sacco Viet Chau
10th Graeme Robertson   Swapan Shah
3rd League
1st Jun Gao Salman Razi Norman Lehr
2nd Viet Chau Rory Liu Raymond Sacco
3rd Norman Lehr Mark Chen Matthew Lee
4th Mark Chen Matthew Lee Michael Clardy
5th Tufan Beyatli Tufan Beyatli Charles Kim
6th Matthew Lee Brandon Baek Todd Wiederhold
7th Brandon Baek Sam Lisook Max Dillow
8th Sam Lisook Charles Kim Peter Snell
9th     Graeme Robertson
10th     Bill Cashin
4th League
1st Salman Razi Sabrina Sun Tanvi Nikam
2nd Tanvi Nikam Peter Snell George Li
3rd Bill Cashin Bill Cashin A. Zaeem Afzal
4th Peter Snell William Garrard Sabrina Sun
5th Sabrina Sun Miki Snell William Garrard
6th Miki Snell Ethan Hublall Peter Paulus
7th Pratyush Mohanty Wswamy Pabbisetty Pratyush Mohanty
8th Ethan Hublall   Miki Snell
9th     Ethan Hublall


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