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DFWTT Progress of Activities for 2013

Charity Program Update – In our continued pledge to donate $2 for each player that participates in our tournaments, DFWTT has donated $200 to the American Red Cross (Typhoon Appeal & Disaster Response fund). This fund will help in the relief from the effects of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.


After School Table Tennis Program in Need – On October 31, Andria Mitchell from Eastern Hills High School wrote to DFWTT:


“I have fought for these students here at Eastern Hills High School where I run the afterschool program but I am still coming up short. Eastern Hills High School is full of students less fortunate then those who surround them. There are homeless students, gangs, drop outs and most importantly the graduation number is very low. Last school year it was said it would not be a program. Nonetheless, here I stand running the afterschool program so my persistence has paid off for me and these students. I had two table tennis tables I had purchased for my students two years ago unfortunately, they were stolen and found destroyed. Please help me replace a table tennis tables I can no longer afford I already have balls and paddles. Please help provide one table tennis table for my students. Please let us know. As a donor, if you have unwanted table tennis tables you would like to donate for goodwill use or as a school teacher, if you have an afterschool program that needs our help.”


DFWTT has tried our best and have donated 1½ repairable table tennis tables to them. We believe that there will be some situations like this at many schools and those students need a little help from us to make a joyful afterschool program for them. We also believe that there are many school teachers just like Andria Mitchell that try their best to help their students.


We will serve as a connection and make good things happen if possible. Let’s work together for our school students.


A Special Thank You to Grant Bergmann – Grant Bergmann, our tournament volunteer photographer, is a very wonderful and special person that has contributed his time to the sport of table tennis for the last few years. He even plays less and takes more pictures of the tournament’s players. His goal is not only to be sure that he gets everyone’s picture but also that the pictures look good enough to be published.

When taking pictures inside the main playing area, he is very sensitive so as to not get in the way. During our last tournament, a ball rolled over by his feet and a very high rated player came running over and apologized to Grant for his getting in his way! Now that's when we all know he is deeply appreciated.

From now on, DFWTT will send Grant the tournament player roster in advance so that he will not miss photographing any of the participating players. Let’s all give him a thumbs up and as our tournament players, you all know that you can find your pictures in the Gallery or News section of our website.


2013 DFWTT Fall Open – DFWTT hosted its yearly Fall Open tournament at the JCC on November 9th. Players from all around the DFW area and those from outside the area competed with each other in USATT sanctioned and non-sanctioned events. Thank you for joining us at this year's event. Also thank you to Grant Bergmann for taking photos of the tournament.


2013 Fall Open


Grant Bergmann's pictures: Pics

Results: http://dfwtt.com/Results_2013.htm


2013 DFWTT Double Ten – DFWTT hosted the Chinese Double Ten Celebration tournament at the Cimarron recreation center on September 21. Thank you all for attending this year's event. A donation of $200 was made to Dallas Chinese Community Center.


2013 Double Ten


Grant Bergmann's pictures: Pics

Daniel Rutenberg's pictures: Pics


Results: http://dfwtt.com/Results_2013.htm


Charity Program Update – In our continued pledge to donate $2 for each player that participates in our tournaments, DFWTT has donated $170 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (Yarnell Hill NFFF Fire Hero Fund), supporting the families and co-workers of the firefighters who died in the line of duty.


2013 DFWTT Spring Open – DFWTT hosted its yearly Spring Open Tournament at the JCC on June 15. A total of 17 tables were used during the USATT sanctioned and non-sanctioned events held throughout the day. Thanks to everyone for joining us at the tournament.

Grant Bergmann's pictures: Pics

Results: http://dfwtt.com/Results_2013.htm


2013 World Peace TT Pictures – Grant Bergmann enjoys table tennis and photography and has made available several pictures from the recent Plano TT Club's World Peace TT Tournament held on May 11.

Grant's pictures: Pics


DFWTT was present in McKinney – As part of the High Noon on the Courthouse Lawn of the City of McKinney activities in the month of May, DFWTT were part of their free activities and entertainment from noon to 1pm. This initiative by the McKinney Performing Arts Center allowed DFWTT to promote our sport and to entertain the residents, employees and visitors of the city of McKinney.



Special Event May 3 – Please join us for a fun Table Tennis Club night, in celebration of our new Rowlett Club location. Free Fried Chicken, soft drinks and Table Tennis!!!


May 3 Celebration

5:30pm - 7:30 pm

Kick-Em Training Facility

2502 Lawing Lane Unit B

Rowlett, TX 75088



NCTTA National Championships – The National Collegiate Table Tennis Association held its national championships tournament in Rockford, Illinois on April 12-14. The Texas Wesleyan University team won many of the championship titles. The NCTTA and USATT websites have more information on the final results and some videos of the event. Grant Bergmann also has photos that he took during the tournament: Pics


Charity Program Update – In our continued pledge to donate $2 for each player that participates in our tournaments, DFWTT has donated $100 to the Rainbow Days kids school program. It has also donated $262 to the USATT Annual Giving Campaign program.


ITTF International-eligibility rule – Rule changes for athletes born in another country about the necessity to register with ITTF if they want to represent USA at World events. More info: Click here


2013 Texas Winter Games – DFWTT hosted the Texas Winter Games Table Tennis Tournament on January 19, in Frisco Texas. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.

Pictures from Grant Bergmann: Pics

Results: http://dfwtt.com/Results_2013.htm


Paralympic Coach of the Year – It has been announced that Coach Daniel Rutenberg has been selected as Paralympic Coach of the Year for 2012. Congratulations and thank you for helping the US Para Team over the past several years. For more details visit the USATT website: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Table-Tennis/Features/2013/January/09/National-Coaches-of-the-Year.aspx


Happy New Year 2013! – For this coming year, DFWTT is committed to support the USATT Annual Giving Campaign program for $1000 in the next four years. For each player playing in our tournament, we will donate $2 to the Campaign. We need all your support by attending our tournaments and thank you in advance. Please join our first tournament of the year—2013 TX winter Games on January 19.



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