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DFWTT Progress of Activities for 2007

(By Daniel Rutenberg – USATT Certified Coach)

As DFWTT continues its mission to provide quality table tennis to its members and the general public in the DFW area, 2007 has been a very strong year filled with lots of playing and activities. Here are just summaries of activities that DFWTT got involved with so far for this year…

·         Happy Holidays – All of us at DFWTT want to thank you for your continued support and participation during 2007.  We take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy Holiday Season and a very Happy and Healthy New year!  We look forward to seeing you in 2008!


·         DFWTT Programs – DFWTT is one of the largest and most active table tennis clubs in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area. DFWTT is a fully sanctioned club by the USATT – the governing body of table tennis in the USA. DFWTT offers multiple tournaments year-round. Its tournaments are very popular and have become traditional events in the Metroplex. In addition, DFWTT offers multiple locations for play, leagues, coaching and clinics and many other activities to adults and youth.


·         Thanksgiving – Last November 24 through the 26th DFWTT participated in the Ismaili Jamatkhana NST Games.  DFWTT with the assistance of Scott Ryan, Larry Sangren and Daniel Rutenberg were able to provide logistics and run their table tennis tournament during the Thanksgiving weekend at the Plano Sports Authority (PSA) in Plano, TX.  In addition, Coach Rutenberg provided two clinic sessions for the community kids and youth.  The National Games were represented in many different sports and all athletes participated to qualify to represent the USA in their upcoming International Golden Jubilee Games in 2008 in Kenya.  Congratulations to all winners and participants. 


·         2007 DFWTT Fall Open Tournament  – On November 10, once again we met at the great facilities provided by the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Dallas for our second 2007 DFWTT Fall Open Tournament.  Immediately after winning the Open Singles Class A Division, Ludovic Gumbos was all smiles.  After a very long day of close and exciting matches, Gumbos ended on top of all the 50+ players who entered this traditional event in the DFWT area.  Ludovic took with him the 1st Place winning him $300!  However, we must also recognize the outstanding participation of both Timothy Wang and Courtney Roberts who ended in 2nd and 3rd places with $200 and $100 prize awards respectively.

During the final match, Ludovic and Timmy put on a display of amazing shots, classical loop and re-loops, smart services in terms of spin and placements while trying to neutralize opponents weaknesses, a complete table tennis feast!  Gombos classical serves; strategy and powerful forehand shots gave him the lead to become once again the winner of this event. 

Winners on the other Open Divisions were: Class B James Smith; Class C John Stiles; Class D Justin Rath.  On the rating events, we had the following Winners: U-2400 Timothy Wang; U-2200 John Staley; U-2000 John Staley; U-1700 Sam Lu; U-1500 Tom Yurkak; U-1300 Brandon Chow; U-1000 James (Eddie) Yang.  The winners under 11 and 15 years of age were Aston Khor and Sam Lu respectively. 

Our non-rated events are always very popular and they are getting very competitive, to the point that some of these players are more than ready to play in sanctioned events without any hesitation!  Some of the winners are: in our Senior division over 60 years of age the winner was Bob Donahoo.  Men’s category, the winner was Tim Wang; U-21 Chris Wellborn; U13 Tim Wang; Mixed Doubles Helen Deng & Tom Jurcak; Family Doubles Carl Khor & Andrew Khor.

Congratulations to all the winners, runner ups and especially to those of all that entered this classical event.  Many thanks to all of you that came and watched helped and assisted us in running this successful event!  Of particular interest, we here at DFWTT want to acknowledge and thank all the cadet and junior players that are coming out to play tournament after tournament! We’ll continue to working hard to provide competitive table tennis to our youth in the Metroplex.

For complete results, please go to: http://www.dfwtt.com/Results_2007.htm

·         DFWTT Fall Open Sanctioned Tournament – Last September 29th, 71 players came once again to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) to participate in the DFWTT Fall Open tournament – where we conducted both sanctioned and non-sanctioned events. We were thrilled to see over 357 matches in the sanctioned event. It was a great tournament with exciting matches to include among others Mark Hazinski, Ludovic Gumbos who happened to finished in 1st and 2nd place in the Open Division A. Courtney Roberts, Sara Fu (the defending champion of the DFWTT Double Ten Tournament), Ines Perhoc, Nelson Ramos and other Elite table tennis players made this tournament a delight to players and spectators. In addition, we are always delighted to see the increased number of Cadets and Juniors, plus the on-going challenges presented by our Senior players. Ines Perhoc won the U-2400 event; Aldys Presley finished in 1st place in the U-2200; John Staley won the U-2000; Eddison Dy finished 1st in the U-1700; U-1500 David Wu; U-1300 Aston Khor; U-1000 Charles Wong; U-15 years old Aston Khor and U-13 years old Charles Wang. For complete results go to: http://dfwtt.com/Results_2007.htm


·         Charity Program - With the DFWTT Fall Open Tournament, DFWTT has started a new initiative. For each participant at DFWTT tournaments, DFWTT is making a $2 donation to a non-profit children’s educational organization.


·         2007 Double Ten Tournament – Once again last September DFWTT celebrated its traditional annual “Double Ten” Tournament. With over 70 players, the Taiwanese festivities were represented with this competitive tournament. The Open Division A - Singles was won by one of the newest additions to the Texas Wesleyan University Team Sara Fu and in 2nd place Alex Wong. There were 13 different events played. Congratulations to all the winners and all those who participated in the tournament. Also, here at DFWTT we want to thanks and acknowledge all the volunteers and sponsors that make this non-sanctioned tournament a wanted tradition in the Metroplex. For complete results go to: http://dfwtt.com/Results_2007.htm  

·         Balls of Fury” The Movie – Last August 27 at 7:30 PM DFWTT was invited to participate in the advance screening of a film featuring table tennis – Balls of Fury. Thanks to the generosity and support of Moroch Partners and Rogue Pictures, DFWTT was able to put together this first ever movie party for its members. With a packed theater with over 250 people, including a significant number of our DFWTT players, it was a general consensus that the movie was entertaining and funny – lets not get technical! Our members, especially the kids enjoyed the movie very much. In addition, DFWTT also engaged with the crowd and showcased how the sport of table tennis is properly played. The general audience appreciated all of the great giveaway door prizes available! Good job by Mike, Vic, Aston and Donna!

·         JCC Maccabi Games 2007 - August – One again DFWTT got involved with the Jewish Community Center (JCC) Maccabi Games.  This year, Team Dallas traveled to Houston, Texas and was represented by 4 athletes.  Team Dallas grabbed one Bronze medal in the Singles Category Age 13-14.   A group of 16 players, ages 12 through 16, came out for try-outs for an allotted of 4 spots to represent Team Dallas in table tennis during the Jewish Olympic style summer games.  This year we had more than 47 total table tennis athletes representing 14 cities across the U.S.  Team Dallas practiced twice a week since May through July. In addition, we held an invitations tournament prior to the Games.  This year’s program was coordinated by Daniel Rutenberg, Head Coach Team Dallas for table tennis.  Athletes that participated in the games this year were: Aaron Alterman, Joey Blatt, Alex Kaufman and Ethan Presscot.  Congratulations to Team Dallas for a great tournament at the Maccabi Games.  

·         A Special Thank you to Calvin Chen’s Family – We wanted to acknowledge and recognize Calvin, Sue and Alan Chen for their continued support to our efforts in providing table tennis activities for the youth in the DFW area and especially for their generosity.  The Chen family helped to sponsor our Invitational Tournament at the JCC last July.  Your unconditional support is greatly appreciated.  

·         DFWTT at the US Open July 2007 – About 770 domestic and international players were present in Las Vegas for the 2007 US Open Championship.  DFWTT was well represented this year.  Our special congratulations and recognition to our players Anurag Matharasi and Ben Norton for their great performance at the tournament.  Congratulations to Anurag and his partner Andrew Chen for winning the Doubles under 3200 category.  Coach Rutenberg helped other players from other clubs from the Dallas area to achieve significant accomplishments at this event.  “I’m very pleased with the results that our students achieved at this event, which is one of the most important tournaments in the U.S.,” Rutenberg said.  "Even though, Aleksandar Karakasevic from Serbia won the Men's Singles title for 2007 (against Wilson Zhang from Canada) and Yuka Shiosaka (from Japan) defeated Sachie Shigemoto (also from Japan) for the Women's Singles title, I was very impressed with the Japanese men and women delegation," said Rutenberg.   "It was very interesting to see the diversity with their technique, especially their short game with backhand loops and their forehand re loops from any distance," he added.  Also, Rutenberg indicated that the presence of young players from Sweden, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico really helped to encourage and motivate our youth to come out and play the fascinating sport of table tennis."  "It is always fun to see the international athletes meeting and playing with our national Cadets and Juniors players - and did I say adults too? :-) ", Daniel added.  

·         JCC Juniors Closed Tournament  –  In our continued efforts to promote table tennis in the DFW area, on Sunday, July 22nd at the JCC, 20 players between the ages of 8 and 19 came to play over 100 matches in a preparatory tournament for Team Dallas attending the JCC Maccabi games later on in August 2007.  The tournament had a very good group of well diversified Cadet and Junior players from around the Metroplex.  "This type of events are ideal for our youngsters in the area, as this tournament gives them an opportunity to come out and play in an environment where they can complement what they are learning in their training sessions or group lessons," according to Rutenberg.  In addition, "this event is becoming a tradition and our Juniors are looking to it year after year, he added.  This is the 3rd year in a row that DFWTT conducted this invitational tournament. Here at DFWTT, we will continue working hard towards the involvement and facilitating table tennis for our youth in the DFW area.   This tournament was a coordinated effort between DFWTT and the JCC Dallas.  See the Results section for more details.  

·         Junior Programs (on-going activity) – Our Junior program continues to grow as we continue to the progress of our players.  With current programs at our JCC and Cimarron locations we continue to provide quality training and excellent service to our participants.  In addition, our work in the Maccabi Games and the Chinese community allow us to promote the sport of table tennis in different spectrums in the DFW area.  

·         International Direct Marketer of the Year 2007 – Our own Daniel Rutenberg was recognized in June by the Direct Marketing Association, International Council with the International Direct Marketer of the Year 2007 Award.  This is the highest distinction and honor provided by the Direct Marketing Industry.  Congratulations to coach Daniel for his efforts on and off table tennis!  

·         Maccabi Games 2007 – We’re in preparations to go with Team Dallas to Houston TX to participate in the Maccabi Games later on this summer.  This year, Team Dallas is represented by 4 athletes.  Practices are underway twice a week under the coordinating of the Head Coach Daniel Rutenberg.  

·         DFWTT Summer Tourney – In the month of June, 52 players entered the DFWTT Summer tournament, where they played 246 matches.  This tournament started as a Giant Round Robin, where the players qualified for their respective divisions.  The winner of this tournament was Cheng-Yi Du, followed by Keith Evans who finished in 2nd place and Ludovic Gombos in 3rd! Also, doubles were played and the winners were James Smith and Meredith Elston who defeated Alex Wang and Ian Chan.  

·         DFWTT Spring Open – Last April 2007 over 100 players participated in the classic DFWTT Spring Tournament.  The venue for this event was the Jewish Community Center (JCC), which provided excellent lighting, flooring and plenty of space for 18 tournament tables.  This tourney provided sanctioned and non-sanctioned categories.  Under the sanctioned event 66 players entered the competition and played 344 matches.  The winner of the tournament in the Open category was Tran Tuan and Timothy Wang from Houston TX finished in 2nd place.  Please see the Results page of our website for complete details and pictures.  

·         Table Tennis Exhibition - Last January 27, 2007 DFWTT attended the 2nd Pre-Super Bowl Ping-Pong Tournament organized by the First United Methodist Church of Coppell (FUMCC) and did a table tennis clinic and exhibition.  Once again, coaches Kim Kill-soo, Donna Chen and Daniel Rutenberg demonstrated how table tennis is played to a crowd of over 100 church members.  We congratulate the FUMCC for their efforts in promoting table tennis in their community and DFWTT is proud to be a contributor to such a successful tournament.  

·         The Winter Games of Texas - is the ultimate amateur athletic sports festival for Texas. Established in 1986 as the Summer Games, the Games are patterned after the Olympic Games and U.S. Olympic Sports Festivals.  The Games provide a forum for training and competition among Texas’ own Olympic hopefuls as well as both youth and adult recreational athletes, with participants’ ages ranging from 6 to 70.  The inaugural Winter Games of Texas was held in 2006 in Frisco, Texas.  The Winter Games of Texas are organized and coordinated through the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation.

In January 2007, DFWTT organized and coordinated the Table Tennis activities for the Winter Games of Texas.  With over 100 players, table tennis made its debut at the Winter Games with sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments.

We’re delighted to see excellent table tennis during the multiple rating events.  The Open Class A was won by Courtney Roberts defeating Petri Heinonen in a classic traditional offensive vs. defensive match!  The winner for Class B was Lindsey Lloyd followed by Chi Thai in 2nd place.  The winner of Class C was Shirly Ho and Anurag Matharasi in 2nd place.  In Class D the winner was Judy Chen and in 2nd place our Andrew Khor.  Lastly Class E was won by Austin Elston from Tyler Texas and Aston Khor finished in 2nd place.

Timothy Wang from Houston finished in 1st place after an excellent match against Sam Smith to win the U-2400 event.  While, the U-2000 event was won by Sam Smith who defeated Alex Wang.

Our Junior player, Anurag Matharasi, finished 3rd in the U-1700 event and also he finished in 1st place in the U-13 years old. In addition, our Gabriel Nicolae also finished In 3rd place in the U-1500 event. Furthermore, another of our Junior players, Aston Khor finished in 2nd place in the U-1300 event and in 3rd place in the U-1100 category.

From our Senior players, Bill Drissel and Harry McKeever finished in 2nd and 3rd places respectively in the O-60 event. 

For complete results of this event please go to: http://www.taaf.com/site/images/stories/wintergames/downloads/wg_2007_tabletennis_results.pdf



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